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Privacy Policies, Shared Openly

List of companies who have open sourced their terms


The companies listed below have all shown a commitment to being open and transparent about their policies and terms of service.

By open sourcing their policies, they are:

  1. Transparent by design. By open sourcing their policies, these companies are giving their users a simple way to view changes over time.
  2. Open to feedback. Have an idea about how these policies could be strengthened? Or a clarifying question? Open source tools make it easy to have a conversation.
  3. Willing to share. Are you an entrepreneur wondering how to express your practices? Borrow language from one of these policies, if it matches your actions & intent.

If you want your company added to the list, it's easy! Put your terms on GitHub, and let us know about it.

Participating Organizations

Get Involved and Participate

To have your company added to this list, first, get your terms onto GitHub, or some other openly available version control system. We recommend structuring your repository like this: COMPANY_NAME/policies.

Then, once your policies are live, either send us a pull request with your company's name and the url of your repository, or send us an email and we'll add it ourselves.